Beyond Broadway Concert - Participation Fee

£275.00 On Sale

Image of Beyond Broadway Concert - Participation Fee

The Beyond Broadway Experience Participation Fee is £275 and confirms your place in our cast of Beyond Broadway at The Usher Hall in 2019.

Once you have paid this fee your place on the cast is guaranteed. We will then contact you to attend a recall audition for specific roles in the new year.

GOOD NEWS! There is a 25% Sibling Discount for the first brother or sister, and the 35% Sibling Discount for the 2nd - please select the correct option to ensure you don't pay too much!

REMEMBER you can register for the full experience over two weeks (option 1, 6th - 19th April) or if you need to cut it short because of school, join us for just one week (option 2, 6th & 7th April followed by 13th to 19th April)

Option 1 - Just The One - £275.00
Option 1 - Two Siblings - £481.25
Option 1 - Three Siblings - £661.00

Option 2 - Just The One - £200.00
Option 2 - Two Siblings - £350.25
Option 2 - Three Siblings - £480.00

Once this payment is made you will receive a payment confirmation email – this is your confirmation that you are going to be in the cast! Awesome!

We will then have a registration day at which point you will receive all the important paperwork, rehearsal schedule, and most importantly your Beyond Broadway Experience T-Shirt!

Rehearsal material to learn before the project begins will also be handed out to you at the registration day.

Remember - you need to be available in Edinburgh for the duration of the rehearsals (seven days each week between the hours of 9am and 10pm.

There is an online booking fee of £5.00 by our online service providers – Marked as shipping.

Given the nature of the project we cannot offer any refunds of fees under any circumstances.